There is a really simple way to install any plugin (custom or built-in) in grafana through a docker image. Without having to install the plugin through grafana-cli or by copying its configuration files into the Dockerfile .

All you will need is -
1. The plugin’s zip packaging link
2. Docker installed…

Summary: Identifying the different topics/ subjects in the document by accounting the frequency of occurrence of those topics and thereby ultimately classifying documents into their topics.

Topic modeling is a statistical model to discover semantic structures in the text body. The “topics” produced by topic modeling techniques are clusters of…

I attended Google developer’s ML summit last week and it was a brilliant experience to meet machine learning developers at Google and learn the newest innovations from different industries.

Here are a few things I would like to highlight out of the day-long enlightening presentations.

  1. Depth supervision by Forrestor Cole:

Data mining

  1. Data importing
  2. Cleaning
  3. Transforming
  4. Visualization
  5. Summary statistics

Data mining using Numpy, Pandas, matplotlib

All codes in Jupyter notebook

A. Data munging

1. Selecting and retrieving data 1.1

  1. Creating dataframe
  2. SLicing dataframe
  3. Data comparison
  4. Filtering with scalars
  5. Setting values with scalars

2. Handling missing data 1.2

  1. Figuring out what data is missing
  2. Filling missing values with “0”
  3. Filling missing values with desired values
  4. Filling missing values with “front-fill method”
  5. Counting missing…

Internet of Things

Data science with Internet of Things

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